• Suzka

Awaken ft.Raymond Mowla

Happy to announce the song 'Awaken' which is a new collaboration with Christian rapper and author of two books, Raymond Mowla. Song releases Nov.1st, 2020 on all platforms.

This artist approached me a few months ago to re-mix my original song Awaken which was composed in 2016 for my 'Lemurian Dreams' album. I had a feeling he would do something truly amazing with it by adding his verses to my vocal hook and violin compositions. When he sent me the completed version I was overjoyed to hear how he captured my own personal experience of being a born-again Christian with his lyrics preaching the gospel. I am so excited to share this song with the world and I truly hope that it speaks to as many souls as possible with the message of salvation. It will be available on my Bandcamp page Suzka on Nov.1st 2020

. Blessings!

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