Welcome to the official Suzka website. I am a violinist,vocalist, songwriter, yogini and shaman. Recently returned to North America from a year long nature sabbatical in Africa playing live with various artists and healing people with the power of natural plant medicines. I have travelled the world and lived in many countries including Egypt, Japan, Czechoslovakia, Germany, England, Madagascar, Seychelles, USA, and Canada which have all inspired my writing and music. I am now working on my 5th studio album which is a shamanic journey through the universe recorded in the 432 frequency and is being made with the intention of healing and raising the universal consciousness.


      Trained classically from an early age and learning to play by ear I have recorded in all musical genres with various top worldwide musicians spanning from hip-hop, reggae, jazz and soul to world music and pop. I have also recorded for various feature films and TV shows.

Yoga has always been a big part of my life since the age of five growing up in yoga camps following guru Baba Hari Daas, the silent yogi. In 2008 I received my Hatha yoga teacher certification in Vancouver, BC and I now teach private and partner yoga using a mix of Hatha/Yin and various Pranayamas to integrate mind, body, and soul. 

     My musical discography began in 2005 with conscious trip-hop album Wake-Up followed by classical hip-hop album Source in 2011 featuring top North American emcees which was a mix of classical strings and heavy hip hop beats of the famous Vivaldi's Four Seasons. The albums Within and Ambrosia followed shortly after and were released independently in 2013 after turning down several offers to sign to independent and major labels in order to maintain control  and authenticity of my music and image.

         I have recorded songs with artists such as k-os, The Trews, Sam Roberts, LightsMaestro Fresh Wes, Chin Injeti, Zaki IbrahimRichKidd, Sadat X, Rezza Brothers, Soul Mecca, Bukue One, Jaro, Emotionz, Georgia MurrayLily Frost, Elise Jean (Surya) and many more Canadian, American and artists from around the world.


         My latest instrumental album titled Ambrosia is a trip around the world  through various countries creating a relaxing and nostalgic recording of some places I have travelled and lived in around the world. This record has also been converted into 432 hz for a more meditative and spiritual sound which promotes healing and heart chakra opening. It can be found on Youtube and was a collaboration with friend and producer Vago of The Technicians.

          Live shows either on electric or acoustic violin have included  various events such as the Olympic Plaza in Whistler w/Maestro Fresh Wes and Dj Grouch, Canada Walk of Fame 25th Anniversary Maestro Fresh Wes at Massey Hall (Toronto), live performance of 'Re-United' w/RZA (Wu-Tang Clan) Vancouver, opening for K'Naan with Chin Injeti, opening for Del the Funky Homosapien at the Roxy (LA) with Bukue One and Dj Drez, and the Commodore Ballroom in Vancouver opening for Strunz and Farah with world fusion band Tambura Rasa.


I have been playing live with electronic Dj's and displaying live graphic art at various venues and art galleries around British Columbia since 2008.

Most of my albums can be found on CDBaby as well as iTunes. 

I'm an independent musician who has decided to stay true to my art and soul's inspiration, and to continue to push the boundaries of music and to connect everyone through the beauty of sound frequency! Any song or album you download truly helps me to create more music for you.

Single 'RUN WITH ME' now available on iTunes! 




Thanks for visiting and feel free to browse through the site and check out the videos. 


Live performance with the RZA (Wu-Tang Clan) on Bobby Digital Tour with live soul band Stone Mecca.




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