Suzka has five full length albums available on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, and Bandcamp available now to download. Albums are: Wake-Up, Source, Within, Ambrosia and Lemurian Dreams. The Source album is a classical violin and hip-hop creation where the famous music of classical composer Vivaldi's 'Four Seasons' was re-arranged and features Maestro Fresh Wes, Canada's Godfather of Canadian hip=hop. Co-produced with producer Vago from Technicians Music. Suzka works worldwide and is available for session work with select professional artists. Spent a summer recording Afrobeats in East Africa recording for R&B and hip-hop artists JUX, Joh Makini, and Damian Soul. Check out the single 'We Rising' with reggae star Kabaka Pyramid. Kabaka tours and works alongside Damian Marley promoting reggae music and conscious unifying music.

Other song collaborations and Film/TV series soundtracks include:

  • 9th Prince (Wu-Tang)

  • K-OS 

  • Kabaka Pyramid

  • Maestro Fresh Wes (Orchestrated Noise)

  • Chin Injeti

  • Esthero

  • Stone Mecca

  • Bloodsuckers (Horror feature film)

  • 'Narcotic' ft. Maestro Fresh Wes (The Listener TV series)

  • 'Wake-Up' theme song for Travel BC TV series


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